Top 8 Blog Posts of 08

posted on December 31, 2008 in random beer thoughts

It was inevitable.  Any blogger worth their weight in widgets (disregard the nonsensicalness of that metaphor and appreciate the alliteration) needs to do a “Best of” list before New Years Day arrives…and I still have a few minutes, so here goes.

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading other beer bloggers’ blogs lately so figured I’d share my favorite 8 posts of ‘08, plus one more to ring in ‘09 (so, yeah, top 9).  In no particular order:

1. 15 Famous Beers You’ll Probably Never Drink: Very original, well-crafted, entertaining post.  These guys actually could have had a few on this list.  Mad props.

2.  Discovery Gives us Another Reason to Miss Michael Jackson: I enjoyed Discovery Channel’s “How Stuff Works” about Beer but I may have enjoyed this pretty hilarious take on it from Appelation Beer even more.  The part about the poor use of stock footage=so true.

3.  Brewvana’s explanation of Bi-Polar Brewer Syndrome: I enjoy this guy’s writing, would love to visit his restaurant if I ever find myself in Iowa, and wanted to give him a shout-out.  No post really stood out in particular but this one highlights a pretty funny aspect of homebrewing.

4. Great 6 part series for people just starting to get into better beer from “the funnest beer blog on the interwebs”.  A really solid site.  All six parts of this series are worth reading, especially to beer n00bs.

5.  Young Experimenting Perfection Seekers: this girl flat-out speaks to me.  None more so than this post.  I’ll be frequenting this site often.

6.  Ground Control to Major Tom: Another awesome beer chick.  After hearing about this blog from a DraftMag tweet, I’ve pretty much thought she and I should be friends (check my tweet history, it’s true).  Anyways, this post reminded me of my bro, who works for NASA.  Space is almost as awesome as beer (and actually was my first love).

7.  Yuletide 2008 Photo Contest Grand Prize Winners!!!: Had to honor this post if not just for the sheer amount of work these guys put into it.  Well done.

8.  Stone…Again!: This blog was introduced to me by my other bro who appreciates its vegan-friendliness.  Great site - this post was cool because their fun little video me want to go to Stone - maybe one of my ‘09 resolutions?

9.  The 11 Most Radical Beer Commercials of the 80s: Thanks Ashley for showing me this one.  The last one (the PBR ad) is AMAZING.  The guys behind the first post in my list commented on this one and linked to their own post about the best beer commercials.  Also worth a look.

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