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posted on December 24, 2008 in beer review

I’m going to revert to a little trick I used as a writer for Let’s Go - whenever I was feeling particularly uncreative but wanted to somehow not be entirely bland in my description of a place, I would use a cheesy, over-reaching metaphor. I am pretty sure none of those made it into the book. Since I’m my only editor, I can feel free to use them here. Perhaps when I’m feeling more creative I’ll change this post to something wittier. Right now though, BMAB is calling for a cheesy stretched metaphor, so I must oblige.

If this blog were a mixed six-pack, it’d contain:

- a bottle of beer reviews/tasting notes (sophisticated, yet enjoyable, like a Belgian trippel)
- a bottle of “beerventures” - i.e. general reviews of bars, breweries, beer stores, etc. (fun, new and exciting, perhaps like a double oak barreled IPA)
- a bottle of homebrewing notes, reports and recipes (maybe not always the most exciting, but useful, well-intentioned, and still generally amusing, like an organic brown ale)
- a bottle of general beer news (something any good beer blog/mixed six pack needs, like a clean, crisp, refreshing lager)
- a bottle of beer research - the more academic side of beer (something not everybody has a taste for, but those who do seem to really appreciate it, like a smoked porter)
- a bottle of random musings, hopefully somehow beer related (risky, potentially disastrous, but potentially a winner, basically like anything from Dogfish Head)

Today when we reach into our six-pack, we pulled out the trippel. That’s the beer reviews one. Stay with me. I figured what better way to kick-off my beer-reviewing career than to review my own beer - something only about 12 other people have tasted, therefore limiting the people who can disagree with me to the fewest number possible. Just kidding, I love confrontation. Still, I am egotistical enough to review my own beer first, so here are my tasting notes for Mercury in Retrograde Amber Ale. BTW, I “borrowed” this review format from The Beer Wench, but I doubt she’d mind because she got it from the iPhone app: Beer Pad.

Name: Mercury in Retrograde

Style: Amber Ale

Brewery: LessThanThree Beers (aka my homebrews)

Region: Northern California

Pairings: Goes with large variety of foods; takes on grilled foods quite nicely and refreshes a palate fired up by spicy foods.

Color: Coppery brown, closer to brown ale but definite reddish tint.

Carbonation: Quite low in most bottles; thin, fleeting cream-colored head.

Aroma: Not very strong nose; mild hop and alcohol aroma.

Mouthfeel: Rather strong alcohol presence for an amber wakes up taste buds and lingers on tongue; hops lend medium crisp bitterness

Flavor: Sort of a caramely-alcohol dominated beverage; somewhat complex and lingering. Fairly estery flavor for an amber, probably due to slightly longer time in fermentation bucket.

Finish: Lingering taste dominated by alcohol, yet inoffensive.

Comments: Despite an overly strong alcoholic presence, rather disappointing carbonation, and only mild hop and malty character, not a bad first brew ‘t all. At least it doesn’t taste like soap.

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